• Plants > Plastic

    Made of cellulose (plant matter), joydust® is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional glitters made of micro-plastics and is certified fresh water biodegradable.

  • Hand Poured

    Each bottle is hand poured in with love! Meaning, no one bottle will look the same…each beautiful in its own unique way. Wait, are we talking about joydust® or humans? 👀😏

  • Simple Application

    To apply joydust®, all you’ll need is a thin layer of adhesive first. Lip balm, petroleum jelly, or something similar works great. To take off, simply use water or make up remover!

Glitter Can Change The World

IYKYK. We believe glitter is a vehicle of self expression. A tool to embrace and illuminate the joy, magic, and play that is your essence. We want you to embrace all that you are - in your fullest capacity. We ask the question "can glitter change the world?" Our answer is an emphatic “yes!” What would the world look like if we all embraced ourselves and each other exactly for who we are?

  • We honor the Earth

    Self expression goes beyond aesthetics. It’s also about the health of your body, and the lasting impact on the Earth itself. We believe that part of looking good is feeling good about the product you’re using. joydust is plant-based not plastic (most glitter is plastic), ethically & sustainably-sourced, and won’t cause harm to the environment once you take it off.

  • We honor YOU!

    In a world of suffering & disconnection, the decline of mental and physical health along with it, we believe the antidote is self expression and play. You were born into this world with a unique essence, your very own sense of self. You know it to be true ✨🕺 You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are whole. We’re simply here to add a little sparkle.