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three pack of "infinite truth" joydust

three pack of "infinite truth" joydust

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every bottle is hand poured with love, so unique in
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  • 100% Plastic Free & Biodegradable

    No micro-plastics or other pollutants found in most glitter. We dance to the beat of: If it’s not good for the Earth, it’s not good for me. joydust is made of cellulose (plant matter) so it naturally breaks down and dissolves in water.

  • Hand-Poured

    Each bottle is poured with love! Meaning, no one bottle will look the same…each beautiful in its own unique way. Wait, are we talking about joydust bottles or humans?

  • Simple Application & Clean-Up

    To apply joydust on your face and body, all you’ll need is a thin layer of adhesive first. Lip balm, petroleum jelly, or something similar works great. Use your finger or a brush to “paint” the adhesive wherever you’d like it, then apply the joydust. To remove, simply wipe off with water, soap, or makeup remover.