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joydust® surprise blend

joydust® surprise blend

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A bottle of joydust, poured just for you. Whether you’re en route to a festival, celebration, or simply want to add a bit of shine to a rainy day, our signature blend of biodegradable glitter is the perfect gift. Place it on your altar or toss it in your fanny, this 10ml bottle is full of sparkle and joy.

Please note: our current blends include bronze, pink, blue, & white!

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  • 100% Plastic Free & Biodegradable

    No micro-plastics or other pollutants found in most glitter. We dance to the beat of: If it’s not good for the Earth, it’s not good for me. joydust is made of cellulose (plant matter) so it naturally breaks down and dissolves in water.

  • Hand-Poured

    Each bottle is poured with love! Meaning, no one bottle will look the same…each beautiful in its own unique way. Wait, are we talking about joydust bottles or humans?

  • Simple Application & Clean-Up

    To apply joydust on your face and body, all you’ll need is a thin layer of adhesive first. Lip balm, petroleum jelly, or something similar works great. Use your finger or a brush to “paint” the adhesive wherever you’d like it, then apply the joydust. To remove, simply wipe off with water, soap, or makeup remover.